Risiko, Service und Sachverständigen GmbH

As part of UNIQA Group, we provide support in claims and prepare estimates, analyses and reports relating to actual or expected losses.

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Our services

Each company is different. That’s why we only provide you with customised services.

RSG – Risiko Service und Sachverständigen GmbH has stood for objective and reliable work since 2006. Each year over 100 employees compile more than 100,000 reports.

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Inspection of vehicles

Report about the costs of repair and the market value of vehicles

Our services
  • Inspections on site
  • Calculation of compensation based on the report
  • Inspection in garages and body shops
  • Reports with photos
  • Used car motor insurance inspections

Our experts compile reports on costs of repair for motor insurance, for claims in TPL (Third Party Liability) insurance and liability insurance. Using professional calculation tools the costs of repair and the market value are calculated.

Loss assessment of buildings

Report on the amount of damage to buildings and inventory

Our services
  • Assessment of cause and plausibility check
  • Documentation of extent of damage & reorganisation measures
  • Calculation of the amount of damage
  • Coordination of cost proposals with repair companies
  • Recommendation from UNIQA cooperation partners
  • Arrangement of reimbursements
  • Compilation of photo documentation

Whether damage is caused by fire, water, disasters or involves liability losses - our specialists with great technical expertise survey and evaluate property damage to structures and contents of the customer on site and provide support as required for restoration of damage through recommendations from restructuring cooperation partners.


Calculating the reinstatement value of buildings

Our services
  • Assessment on site
  • Calculating the reinstatement value
  • Detailed description and photo documentation
  • Assessment of building condition

Our experts calculate the reinstatement value and construction costs of your building in the valuation. We subsequently compile an appraisal with a detailed description and photo documentation for contract preparation.

Risk assessment

Analysis of the existing risk situation at commercial enterprises and industrial companies

Our services
  • On-site inspection and documentation
  • Assessment of risk situation
  • Identification of maximum damage scenarios (PML)
  • Compilation of photo documentation
  • Consultation of the policyholder
  • Ongoing and customer-oriented follow-up support of customers
  • Support and advice on specific issues relating to risk-related subjects

All necessary relevant data in the area of risk evaluation for simple and secure contract design are collected by our experts on site with the customer. In addition, customers are informed about risks and advised of potential countermeasures. Risk evaluations are conducted for industrial, commercial and agricultural enterprises.

On-site surveying

On-site research

Our services
  • On-site inspections
  • Discussions with participants
  • Reconstruction of the cause of loss

The RSG survey is the extended arm of claims handler. The employees generate technical reports and conducts. The results of the survey and discussion are the basis for the decision by the claims handler.

About us

RSG – Risiko Service und Sachverständigen GmbH compiles reports for technical requirements in the property insurance sector, provides expertise with its experts and specialists and forms part of UNIQA Group.

RSG services extend to specialist areas in the construction, vehicle and risk sectors as the basis for contract preparation and service performance in UNIQA property insurance. RSG qualified staff thereby allow UNIQA insurance specialists to provide targeted insurance solutions and settle claims in accordance with the contract. In addition, RSG provides customer support in technical, legal and contractual issues and can thereby help to avoid problems in case of damage and in any reviews.

Our strengths

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More than 10 years’ experience

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Customised service

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Experts with several years’ professional experience

Our service to you

We collect all important data together with you on site. In doing so, we highlight potential risks and develop preventive measures in order to protect your business from damage as far as possible. We will provide you with support on behalf of UNIQA if you need safety advice for extensions, modifications or new buildings and in the case of risk-relevant specific issues.

UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Risiko Service und Sachverständigen GmbH forms part of UNIQA Insurance Group

UNIQA Insurance Group is one of the leading insurance groups in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We are represented in 18 countries and support around 9.5 million customers. With UNIQA and Raiffeisen Insurance, we have the two strongest insurance brands in Austria and are well-positioned on CEE markets.
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5.3 billion euros reported premiums
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9.5 million customers
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18 countries


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